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Sharks Spotted this Week:55 Location: Simons Town, Cape Town

Cow Sharks & Cape Fur Seals

1 Trip, Day Tour (Self Drive)
Seven Gill Cow Sharks & Cape Fur Seals
Child: POA Price Price
Adult: R2,300 Price Price

Enjoy a fantastic day out diving with Cape Fur Seals & Seven Gill Cowsharks.

Nowhere else in the world can these rarely seen sharks be so easily accessed and seen than in False Bay. Seeing them is extremely special.

Found in some of the most spectacular shallow Kelp Forests in a Marine Protected reef area at 12m in depth, it's a must for any professional or amateur underwater photographer.

Close encounters are common as they are generally very inquisitive and tend to approach divers to get a closer look which means they swim right up to you and only turn away at the very last minute. Being social feeders, they group together (up to 18 at a time) which makes for an excellent experience.

Diving with seals is another must if you're visiting Cape Town.

Unlike above the water, where they are slow and awkward, seals are amazingly agile under the water.

So be prepare to be entertained by these beautiful animals as they play above and beneath the surface in and around scuba divers, making it an extremely memorable and enjoyable event.

Find out more about the Trip

About the Trip:

You start the day by meeting in the Simon's Town where you will be met by the crew.

Shortly thereafter you will either board the boat for your first dive or do a shore entry (weather amd sea conditions dependent), check your dive gear and receive a briefing on the dive and safety on board the boat.

Dive 1:

You will descend to approximately 12m in deepth until you reach the sandy bottom.

Divers can then explore the surrounding reef and shallow Kelp Forests while waiting for the Cow Sharks to come out and play. Because of their natural curiosity and confidence no form of chum or bait is used to interact with them.

They are often found swimming slowly up and down the channel through the kelp or over the sandy channel, which runs roughly north/south in groups of up to 10 -20 with close encounters being quite common.

Cow Sharks will readily approach divers to get a closer look which means they swim right up to you and turn away at the very last minute.

Dive Time will be between 30 - 60 minutes

Note that there is no guarantee we will see Sevengill Cowsharks, afterall this is nature we are talking about.

But we have however, been very fortunate enough to see them regularly enough at one location to be able to confidently guide dives there with an 85% chance of success.

About Cow Sharks:

The Seven Gill Cowshark or Spotted Cowshark, are formidable predators of seals, fish and other sharks and are known as “wolves of the sea”, because of their extraordinary co-operative hunting behaviour.

Cow sharks are also considered the most primitive of all the sharks, because their skeletons resemble those of ancient extinct forms, with few modern adaptations. Their size range between 1 – 3 meters.

Other Sharks you may encounter on this Dive:

It is quite common to see Spotted Gully sharks in the water at the same time – they have a large dorsal fin and completely different swimming pattern to the Cowsharks, so one can’t confuse the two species.

The Gully’s are more “frisky” in comparison to the more lazy Cowshark style of movement.

Dive 2:

After the appropriate surface interval we will make our way to the next dive location to play with the seals.

Dive Time will be between 30 - 60 minutes

Return to Shore:

With most of the day spent out at sea, you will return to Simon's Town at around 2 pm.

The Trip includes:

  • Two Guided Scuba Dives (Boat or Shore depending on weather and sea conditions)
  • Dive Briefing & Shark Presentation

What To Bring with You:

  • Hat & Sun block
  • Camera or Underwater Camera
  • Warm jacket or jumper for after the dives
  • Sea / Motion Sickness Tablets
  • Dive Certification

Optional Extras:

  • Drinks and Meals not specified.
  • Return Transfer from central Cape Town can be arranged upon request.


The safety of our customers on every Dive Trip is of utmost importance to us.

The Operators we deal with have an unblemished Safety Record and carry out regular safety checks. Diving with Sharks has become an important part of Eco-Tourism in South Africa so ensuring your safety also ensures the continued survival of these magnificent animals.

Be sure not to touch any sharks in any way whatsoever, whether it’s intentional or accidental. The best way to safely dive with sharks is to always be aware of your position in the water and where you are kicking.

Being in complete control of your buoyancy will help you achieve this. Ensure that you always keep eye contact with any sharks that approach you. Make sure you do not corner any sharks or make them feel boxed in where they may react instinctively by biting because they feel threatened.

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Note that the schedules below are a mere guideline and can change at any time.

Example Schedule: 

08.00 Meet in Simon's Town for Dive & Boat Briefing
09.00 Boat launch To Sevengill Cowshark Dive Site (15-20 min)
09.30 Sevengill  Cowshark Dive
11.30 Cape Fur Seal Dive
13.30 Return to Simons Town

Please give yourself an hour to make it on time

  • From Cape Town, take the N2 towards Somerset West/Cape Town International Airport.
  • Stay on the N2 until you see signs for Muizenberg (M3).
  • Remain on the M3 until you reach exit 23, take the M42 towards Steenberg Rd/Muizenberg.
  • At the traffic lights, turn left. Stay on Steenberg Rd, until you reach another set of traffic lights then turn right onto Main Road (M4).
  • Continue on the Main Road all the way along the coast, passing through Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay and then Fishhoek.
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Simon's Town Road, which then becomes Main Road then St Georges Street until you see the Central Hotel on your right hand side.
  • Take the first left onto Wharf Street.